Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let's Defer to Daddy

Oy vey - what the hell is wrong with the republican women in America today?  Pay equality should have been a non-issue from day-one; but our country has a notoriously stupid history, so it took until 2014 for the Senate to pass the law.  It will probably fail in the republican majority House.

I'm reading some of the comments from so called "republican" women, who don't like the law and find fault with the simple concept "equal pay for equal work".  This is how I view these women.
They are simply 1950 Stepford wives who defer all decisions to their husbands.  They do this because they are LITERALLY too stupid, too lazy and too unemployable to get out there and earn their own living.  These women marry well, albeit they generally marry equally as stupid men.  They hold down and trample upon other women in some truly bizarre game of "I've got it better than you because my daddy takes care of me". 

These women don't have husbands, they have daddys.  They are not equal partners in their own marriages.  They are ridiculous, repugnant, regressive and really offensive a$$hole bitches who need to have their wombs sewn shut because from what I can see, the only thing they contribute to society is the addition of equally ignorant children in an already overpopulated world.

F*ck Republican Women.  F*ck Republicans.

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AlexisAR said...

Too many republican women are pathetic puppets.