Monday, May 26, 2014

Michelle Duggar an Honest to God Ho

I don't know much about the Duggar family, other than they have nineteen children, which seems excessive - even for Catholics.  I don't even know if they're Catholic, but there CERTAINLY must be some ridiculous religious aspect involved here.

What I don't get is why this family gets to have a television show and portray themselves as something special; simply by virtue of the fact that they have over-procreated.  Maybe they couldn't afford to feed all those whining brats any other way.  That would be the logical explanation.  Follow the thread --- I'm going to drop a litter or two of children I can't afford to feed, and then support myself off the radical right wing who thinks there is something virtuous in my overactive uterus, and who also thinks anyone is remotely interested in  this perfect example of a family gone insane via right to life values.

Nineteen children, and the mother is contemplating another pregnancy.  Where is the interest?  Other than from a purely psychological standpoint, there is nothing about Michelle Duggar that even approximates a sentient human being.  She's just overly hormonal.

I would think her vagina is so worn out, she'd have a hard time getting pregnant unless she inserted a gallon milk jug filled with sperm up there and jumped on a trampoline for awhile.

Whatever.  Give me a real reality television show --- like how billionaires and television executives get to steal money from people too stupid to read a book.

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