Tuesday, February 11, 2014

American Culture - Or Lack Thereof

Here in Louisiana, radical right thinking is attacking a women's right to make a choice about whether or not to terminate her pregnancy.

I've always thought abortion was a ridiculous form of birth control and women, as well as men, should take more responsibility for their procreative abilities.  But I will defend your right to the death to make the choice for yourself.  It's very Catholic here in southern Louisiana.  It's also very old boy politics, and there is nothing a good old boy likes better than a southern belle who knows her place.  Pretty, no-opinion, soft-spoken, and able to make a nice pitcher of sweet tea.  And pregnant.

Don't get me wrong - I find a lot of beauty here in the deep south.  It's just right next to everything terribly ugly.

I was watching the spring fashion shows in New York.  I like to go shopping and buy new clothes and shoes; but I'm not an idiot savant over it, which is what it seems to me people - mostly women people - have become.   All I ask is that I never carry a purse I can fit a sleeping bag in, my shoes are cute and comfortable and that I'll always wear nothing larger than a size 8.  Here's a clue --- if you look in the mirror and your head is way too big for your body, you're not the right size   -  stop dieting!  And if you're defined by the very large curves of your a$$ or your gigantically rigid boobs, that's probably not a good thing, either.

I recently read an article about a rather famous Australian filmmaker, and after doing so, I should be somewhat happy that I'll never meet him.  He's so enraptured with his own genius, he's an absolute moron.  I wonder how the people who work for him, dangling on his every word like so many participles, ever take themselves seriously?  Perhaps his films are great --- but his process is galling.  That's just me. Never could stand megalomaniacs.  I think a room full of heroin addicts would be far more interesting than this guy.  I think a room full of tomatoes would be more fun to be around.

And speaking of heroin addicts --- why is it that in this SUPPOSED greatest country on the planet - we have epidemic heroin and other hard drug issues, violence, poverty, hate and bigotry?  The American Dream is nothing more than a very bad nightmare, one from which we, collectively, can't seem to wake up.  If we could, we would have done so generations ago.

Oh well.  Maybe it will get interesting soon --- because it's mind-numbingly boring right now.  The same problems are boring.  The same hatreds are boring.  This country is boring.  Our government is boring.  Men's fashion is boring.  Someone start the revolution, and call me when it's got a good head of steam.

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