Monday, September 10, 2012

If all Millionaires are Liars, Why Aren't All Liars Millionaires

The Koch Brothers didn't get to be the a$$hole rich f*cks they are by telling the truth and following ethical business practices, but their PAC, Americans for Prosperity, is just so full of blatant lies, you just know the Koch's think All Americans are Stupid.

Their latest ad has a "Canadian" woman explaining how the Canadian health care system would have let her die, and so she had to seek medical treatment in the United States.

Socialized medicine is alive and well in Canada.  It's alive and well in England.  It's alive and well in Sweden.  It's alive and well in Norway.

Medicine for profit is alive and well in the United States, and therefore, people are dying every goddamn day.  You simply cannot have FOR PROFIT medicine.  It's doomed to failure because of the greed quotient.

There are no Canadians, no English, no Swedes,  and certainly no tight-fisted, cheap Norwegians overrunning our emergency departments.  They're all being treated better in their home countries.  They wouldn't come here and PAY for the same medical treatment available to them at home.  Doctors are doctors, trained to treat diseases, disorders, conditions and cancer.  If they do it in a cinder block building in Canada, or the highest tech glass building here in the United States, your care should be absolutely the same.  So, do you really need the atrium in the middle of the billion dollar medical office building?  The plants are green, but do they make you better?

The Kochs are ridiculous liars.  Let's hope their own medical conditions are untreatable, painful, and humiliating.  The Kochs should wear the same shit pants they verbally espouse.  You actually can almost smell these jerks coming.

Where's my voodoo doll?

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