Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Wonderful Weekend

The weather was not necessarily nice this weekend, but I still managed to get out and spread eight bags of mulch in my gardens, after digging up weeds for four hours.  It felt good to have my hands in the earth; and our soil is not radioactive.....yet.   So what if I spent 45 minutes cleaning the dirt out of my fingernails, the garden looks terrific.  I planted my window boxes and put flowers in pots.  Despite the weather, my house projects the image of spring.

Had dinner with my grandson and his girlfriend on Saturday, then came home and watched "Bullit", which has the best car chase scene ever filmed.  Always fun to turn young people on to old movies.  My grandson commented that people in San Francisco must replace their brakes frequently, but any San Franciscan will tell you, it's their clutches that need replacement constantly.

On Sunday, I had two very good friends over for brunch and conversation; then my husband showed up with the best BBQ ribs in Wisconsin from Smoky John's in Madison.  Good food, good friends, they can take the rain out of a rainy day.

Most importantly, I haven't read the Sunday newspapers yet, so I feel less agitated than I usually do after that experience.

But I'm gearing up.  It's Wisconsin primary week, and we're all anxious to find out who will kick Walker's a$$ out of the governor's mansion in June.  I believe it will be Tom Barrett; my fingers are as crossed as Scott Walker's eyes.

GET OUT THE VOTE, Wisconsinites.  The nation is watching what happens here, because what happens here is the litmus test for what happens to all Americans!  Please, take it seriously. 

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