Saturday, May 12, 2012

Discount Snake Oil Available at Walker Campaign Headquarters - If you can find it!

Well, the video wherein Scott Walker tells a Beloit billionaire his plan to divide and conquer unions representing public employees is old news.  Rotten news, but two days old, now (which makes it stink even more).  I woke up this morning fairly early and turned on the television, only to see Scott Walker commercials practically back to back, touting his accomplishments.  What accomplishments? 

He balanced the budget?  State law says the budget must be balanced, so Scott Walker wants to take credit for something every governor has accomplished.

He is claiming a budget surplus of millions?  Not so.  He is going to delay payment on Wisconsin's debt, which ultimately will cost taxpayers more money in interest.  He is doing this as a campaign ploy to get reelected; but his reelection will continue to cost Wisconsinites dearly.  For someone so opposed to raising taxes, he sure is free spending with your present and future tax dollars.

I can't believe the people who buy into Scott Walker's bull$hit.  Talk about an interesting group.  They are either billionaires blinded from counting money, and whom don't want to pay taxes, or dumb f*ck working slobs who haven't got the sense of a gnat to comprehend complex issues.

Everybody wants an easy answer and the truth is, there aren't any easy answers.  We are dealing with complex and substantially difficult issues.  But Americans are dumbed down, especially in Wisconsin, so when they hear a sound byte like Scott Walker saved Wisconsin by destroying public sector unions, they buy it hook, line and sinker.  This is Walker's particular brand of snake oil.  Tell a lie.  Repeat it often, and the majority of non-thinkers will not only buy it, but vote for him.

Let's try our own version of sound a byte.  Wisconsin has lost more jobs than any state in the union.  No business will open here because a good businessman knows that Scott Walker is a total a$$hole and the State of Wisconsin is his favorite place to defecate. 

Scott Walker.  Snake Oil Personified.

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