Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Commercial Billboard

Seen in northern Wisconsin on Highway 45, a commercial billboard, complete with lights, stating:


My question:  Who are the spoiled few?  Is this sign referring to union members?  The richest 1%?  What does this billboard mean?  Not surprisingly, Scott Walker's advertisements are as clear as mud.

Like Scott Walker himself, the defining message of that billboard is unclear.  What is obvious, however, is that someone actually believes this ambiguous statement enough to erect a billboard.  I'm guessing the republican party, or the party of "NO" is behind this particular sign.

Scott Walker doesn't care about anything except the farthest right ideology.  He is a pawn to the people who would set this country back 100 years in every respect; environment, women's rights, labor laws and basic human rights. 

We need a billboard showing Scott Walker getting kicked in the a$$ by Tom Barrett.  That's a premise I can believe in.  Hopefully, we'll all be seeing that soon, despite the biased and ridiculous polls showing Scott Walker leading.  He couldn't lead a horse to water, but he's pretty good at leading horse's a$$es right to hell.

Scott Walker is Hell.  Believe it.  Vote him out.  I can't afford to move yet.

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Anonymous said...

Every other commercial is one of walker's ads with his droopy, dopey face trying to brainwash the masses into believing that "he" reeled in some 33,000 jobs into Wisconsin. Is it just me or does he have a slight appearance of Down's Syndrome? Yeah, I guess that's what Wisconsin actually needs a mentally-challenged leader to lead the brainwashed to the slaughter. Because that is what he'll end up doing to his followers. He doesn't fool me now, and he never did when he was county executive.