Thursday, May 31, 2012

Richest Woman in Wisconsin Pays No Taxes

Diane Hendricks, the billionaire from Beloit who gave a half million bucks to Scott Walker, paid no taxes in 2010.  Well, easy to see how she could afford it.  But what kind of whore is she?

I speak for the entire working class when I say not paying something in taxes when you're net worth is in the billions is morally wrong.  As a member of the working class, I'm sick to death of the uber rich on my back.  Time to lay down and roll over on them.  That Diane Hendricks paid no taxes is fiscally ridiculous, which is an apt description of Scott Walker and the Wisconsin tax code.

At any rate, I was so angry when I saw this blip and the picture of the richest woman in Wisconsin, that I got out my voodoo doll and performed a little conjure.  A whore and her money are soon parted.  Walker must be her pimp.



Anonymous said...

I have just seen a horrifying, err whorifying, picture of that Diane Hendricks. She looks like Alice Cooper's great, great, great, great grandma. No offense to Alice Cooper though. You think with all those billions that she could afford the best damn plastic surgeon on the planet. She looks like a dried, shriveled old clown.

Citizen X said...

Right? As a woman of a certain age, I try not to judge other women's appearances, but frankly, she looks like she used Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon already. She is scary looking - something the rat dragged in cuz the cat was scared to bring it. And her eyes remind me of scenes from Children of the Damned.

Anonymous said...

Today, I was driving on I94 and there were a herd of walker lovers standing on the overpass between South 73 - South 74 streets that connects West O'Connor St to W Kearney St. Anyway, I flipped both my birds at them. Yes, I took both my hands off the wheel, but traffic was backed up and moving about an inch an hour so I thought why the hell not. Those rabid walker lovers hurled such vile obscenities at me such as "Go F*CK yourself, you pinko communist, tax drainer! You must love your union master's co** in your ass!" Don't those walker monger bullies have any couth?

Citizen X said...

Well, really, let's face facts. To be a Walker supporter, you'd have to be rather ape-like, with animalistic tendancies and very little brain power. I am SO VERY PROUD TO BE A PINKO COMMUNIST TAX DRAINER. BRING ME MORE WALKERS FOR ME TO FLEECE!!!!!