Monday, May 14, 2012

Scott Walker Accomplishments

Here is a list of Scott Walker accomplishments:

1.  Trashed the environment by repealing wet lands and other important waterway regulations.

2.  Let Wisconsin lose billions of dollars (and jobs) because he doesn't want energy efficient high-speed rail.  Doesn't want high-speed anything, or efficiency.  Doesn't understand either. 

3.  Mass-screwed the represented working class by destroying their representation.

4.  Looked like a complete idiot in every media exposure of his lack of intelligence. 

5.  Completely dissed the President of the United States by saying he had the flu, when in fact, he was just too short to want to be photographed next to a pillar of the United States community.  Scott Walker fits the psychological profile of someone with MAJOR Short Man Complex.

6.  Established a legal defense fund, all the while claiming his innocence of any wrongdoing while over employed as Milwaukee County Executive.

7.  The Most Important Scott Walker accomplishment:  He has managed to dodge a grand jury indictment.  We are all waiting for that bomb to drop, much as we're all waiting to drop the bomb on the governorship of Scott Walker via the recall election.

Scott Walker has accomplished nothing but $hit for brains, republican far right politics, which is to say, standing up for the rich on the broken backs of the working class.

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