Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The only thing more annoying than Scott Walker blatantly and bold-faced lying in his recent television promos is the fact they are repeated every five minutes.  This is Scott Walker Overload.  Even Scott Walker devotees must be royally sick of his stupid face and voice invading personal space.  I have just about worn out my remote control muting Scott Walker out of my life. 

If only.

I'm leaving Milwaukee this weekend and getting a well-deserved respite from the hideous talking head of Scott Walker.  When I come back, the election will be one day away.  I want to see Scott Walker relegated to oblivion and obscurity come June 5th.  I think there are enough people out there who feel exactly as I do.  Get out and vote Wisconsinites.  Or forever be thought of as the idiots who brought the United States down.


Anonymous said...

I can't stand the sound of walker's voice. It's wimpy, nasal, tinny, and whiny.

Just the other day, around where I live, many folks have put "Vote Walker Out" and "Vote Barrett, Mitchell" signs on their lawns. Yay! It feels great not to be surrounded by walker's mindless, brain-dead zombie drones. Why doesn't walker go back to Colorado where he was born. Better yet, just send him on his was to a black hole at the farthest end of the universe.

Citizen X said...

Thank you. I'm so hopeful that this king of clowns will be ousted on June 5th.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever go on the scottwalkerwatch dot com website? There's some pretty good stuff there that keeps track of walker's evil activities.

Citizen X said...

Yes! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

If you're interested, there is an archive retraction (revision) article that the Marquette Tribune wrote about walker pertaining to his misdeeds while he was running for president of Student Government back in 1988.


Citizen X said...

I'll definitely check that out. This guy has been morally reprehensible since Day 1.