Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Yet another poll, conducted by Marquette University, has Walker leading the recall race by as much as six points.

Ah, the Catholics.  Put nothing past them.  They've been a bane to society since their beginning. 

Marquette, being a Roman Catholic institution, would naturally want a woman-hating misogynist as the leader of Wisconsin.  Stomping out abortion is far better than helping the already born into misery crowd, in their opinion.

I suspect that their polling took place in such right-wing communities as Waukesha and Ozaukee counties.  I suspect that, based on their polls, they expect people will not even bother to turn out and vote come June.

But this is where the Catholics have misjudged (they're so good at that).  Suspecting that Walker might actually win an election, the thoughtful and compassionate voters in this state will turn out in droves.  No one of sound mind would want Scott Walker and his particular form of madness to lead them anywhere.  I believe, not that Scott Walker is going straight to hell, but that Scott Walker IS hell.  Sartre was right; people are hell.

So please don't pay attention to polls conducted by people with a vested interest in the election's outcome.  They are as false as Scott Walker's rhetoric on Wisconsin's job numbers.  Why would you trust anyone who worships a false God, as the Catholics do.  I kiss no one's ring. 


Anonymous said...

I wish the feds would hurry up their investigation and slap the cuffs on him. Just be done with it once and for all.

Citizen X said...

Yeah, me too! Frankly, politicians like Walker and Romney make me want to bring back the guillotine.

Reptillianicians said...

Have you seen the latest? Unauthorized credit card charges made to "Friends of Scott Walker" campaign. Capital One is flagging those charges as credit card fraud. Unfortunately, that cancels the victim's card and they have to be reissued a new one. UGH? What are they doing over there at "Friends of Scott Walker?"

Citizen X said...

I haven't heard about this, but I'm certainly going to look into it.