Sunday, August 14, 2016

Where the Hell is Trump?

Okay, so Baton Rouge has been under siege for awhile.......cop killings, killings by cops, entrenched racism, the great flood of 2016.

But where is Donald Trump?  Why isn't he all over the airwaves telling us how Crooked Hilary is to blame, and how it's all Obama's fault?

What this town needs right now is a gas bag like Trump coming in to tell us how he feels our pain, knows what we're going through and enlightening us all with his "plan".

There is no plan.  Not from Donald Trump.  Donald Trump, who certainly will fare better in Louisiana (don't get me started) than in any other state, can't even strategically figure out that his presence here would at least seal a win.  But since he has no strategic planning ability, Donald Trump is not in Baton Rouge, nor does this writer expect him to be.  And if you can't deal with a little thing like an American city under water and billions of dollars in property damage, how the hell could anyone expect him to do anything in a global crisis?

Donald Trump.  Absent in Baton Rouge.  Absent in Louisiana.  Absent in America.  Absent wherever the rivers are 20' above flood stage.  I guess he just wouldn't want to get those Chinese suit pants wet.

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