Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wrapping up June with a Couple of Random Rants

I read with absolute disgust the Milwaukee Archdiocese's warning here, delivered by Archbishop Listecki himself, that the court's demand for release of the Archdiocese's documents on sexual abuse would prove "shocking" to readers.

Um, could I be more shocked about sexual abuse of children by clergy members?  By the cover ups of the Roman Catholic Church and it's leadership?  I don't think so.  Our Father of Perpetual Molestation continues to masquerade as a benevolent society while promoting evil and pretending compassion.  That the Archdiocese here in Milwaukee also hid their cash assets to avoid paying victims of clergy sexual abuse, while filing a bankruptcy petition is further evidence that the Roman Catholic Church is purely an evil organization.  If you follow this religion, if you are a part of this religion, than I'm sorry to say (and let me put this in YOUR terms), you are worshipping the antichrist.  In the name of the Devil, The Dogmatic and the Holy Shit, the Catholic faithful are brainwashed zombie-like followers and they've all been majorly bamboozled.  Find a new religion, one that actually QUALIFIES as a religion.

Let's talk about Scott Walker's budget, which he is going to sign into law today.  Let's talk about one part, that could delightfully benefit all of us.  Scott Walker now has the power to sell any state property to any entity he desires, without benefit of a public bidding process.  In effect, anything that is state property is now controlled by Scott Walker himself.  So here's an idea.  Let's sell the Governor's Mansion in Maple Bluff with Scott Walker and his very strange family inside.  Let's sell it to the Taliban.  This makes perfect sense to me and would benefit the Walkers, too, as they then would belong to the same type of political organization Scott Walker believes in, i.e., F*CK the People.

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