Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ignorant Americans

I was appalled this morning to see that The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel had published a political cartoon showing a coal burning energy plant and Obama, and asked readers which one was going to provide jobs, or some such tea bag nonsense.  Appalled but not surprised.  The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel is quite possibly the worst example of American Journalism in the country today.

What amazes me about the United States and a very large number of its citizens is that so many people just don't get that we're destroying the planet by maintaining the status quo.  Coal burning energy plants are a big part of that destructive process.  So what good is a job at a coal burning facility going to do you if there isn't any decent air to breathe anymore because we've completed mucked it up with coal, cars and chemicals.  You can't really work if you can't breathe. 

See, that's the problem in America today.  We've got way too many breathers.  Some of these people should just be randomly suffocated; and they will be, by their own ignorance. 

And while I'm on the subject of ignorant Americans, I happened to watch 740 Park Avenue, a documentary about the disparity between the 1% and the rest of us.  Apparently, 740 Park Avenue is the premier address to have in America; and quite a few corporate bastards, er, bastions live there.  Who the hell needs a 39 room apartment?  Man, I hope this building is the first to come down - it would be a grand start to a revolution that's been brewing for awhile now.  In history, it will probably be noted that the American 1% failed to gauge the depth of hatred people have for their greed, their apathy and their apartments.  These people are freaks of nature - ask the doorman!

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