Friday, July 12, 2013

Sheriff Clarke adept at Extortion

I am seething with the news that Milwaukee County will pay Sheriff Clarke's $95,000 legal bill in exchange for dropping all his ridiculous lawsuits against the county.  This should not be a taxpayers burden, and frankly, paying for some one's insanity is something I'm only willing to do if they agree to take their meds and get psychological help. 

This is another example of how insane government is in Wisconsin.  We have a high ranking, elected county official getting away with extortion, and a County Board letting him.

Milwaukee is doomed as a city because of nitwits like these.  Wisconsin is doomed as a state because of buffoons like Scott Walker.  If this is how moronic things are on a local level; well, definitely more than time to leave.

I'm sure Louisiana will present a whole new set of problems and anxieties for me, but frankly, I couldn't be happier to be kissing off this mindless set of people and politicians for new horizons.  Wisconsin might as well change its name to Banjo land for all the inbred examples of chromosomes gone completely wrong. 

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