Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Clarke Officially Insane

Sheriff Clarke has offered to drop his varied lawsuits against Milwaukee County in exchange for taxpayers footing his $95,000 lawyer bill.  The lawsuits were already determined bogus by lower courts and are now in the appeal process.  So basically, what Clarke is saying is "I'm a costly horse's a$$ and taxpayers should pay for it."

What reality is this guy living in?  Not any I'm familiar with. 

It's hard to tell which is more insane, Clark's rants or his utter audacity in expecting that taxpayers foot the bill for his less than intelligent legal maneuverings, which disrupted the common sense flow of government.

Well, this is surely the last nail coffin for Clarke's tenure as Milwaukee County Sheriff, and good riddance.  Crazy religious guy with the psalm ridden old station wagon who drives around Milwaukee spouting bible passages over a loud speaker has more chance of being elected Sheriff than does Mr. Clarke.

Well, I can only hope.

It is, after all, Milwaukee, which is, after all, in Wisconsin, which is, after all, populated by people who are just as nuts as Clarke.  You only have to look at the twice elected Scott Walker to know we're not in Kansas anymore.  No Emerald City to get help from, either.  Just flying monkeys and sham artists.


Anonymous said...

That Jesus-mobile guy freaks me out way too much!!! Who is he anyway? He gives me nightmares!

Citizen X said...

Me too! He's some religious fanatic whose been driving around Milwaukee for decades - fire and brimstone preaching. I got in a fight with him in a park when he said all women should stay at home and working women were the cause of all problems. He left when I told him to shut his mouth or I'd knock him on his a$$. I'll try to find his God-mobile and take a picture; I know he eats at an I-HOP near my house almost everyday.

Citizen X said...
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AlexisAR said...

We had a guy in the Sacramento area who had a van painted with Bible verses condemnining the sin of the week and with loudspeakers broadcasting his related sermons. He was ticketed a couple of times because his loudspeakers exceeded the maximum noise allowance to be projected by a vehicle. He tried to challenge it on the basis of people of color who amp their car stereos loudly and open their car windows, but the judge didn't care abut his claims. I wonder if he's still practicing his craft in Sacramento, or if he traded in his van for a station wagon and moved to Milwaukee.

AlexisAR said...

how does a guy who drives a jesus mobile aroundall day have enough to eat at IHOP regularly. I understand it's IHOP and not some restaurant owned but Laurent Tourendel, but still, even IHOP didn't aacept foodstamps the last time I checked.

AlexisAR said...

The husband of my mom's friend used to be a Lutheran pastor in Wisonsin.
his wife says the Wisconsin Synod of the Lutheran church is the most conservative -- more even than the Missouri synod.

He was enjoying his work as a young pastor until one of his parishioners literally ran him off the road deliberately. He escape with only moderate injuries. he's now much happier as a hgih school math teacher.

Many Wisonsonians, or whatever people from Wisonsin call themselves, apparently take their interpretations of Jesus' teachings very seriously. Church Lady was a Lutheran. Dana Carvey said she was a composite of many ladies from the Lutheran Church he attended as a child who always tried to make his mom feel inadequate and not sufficiently holy. I don't know what syniod of the church he attended, but it's not hard to imagine that it was the Wisconsin Synod.

Citizen X said...

Yeah - I love those 60 minutes Christians, who show up in church every Sunday and then spread viciousness the rest of the week! We were shunned at our church because our mother was a depressive who was hospitalized many times. Actually good for me; I gave up Christianity over it.