Monday, July 22, 2013

Royal Baby Watch

The whole world is anxiously awaiting the birth of Prince William's first child.  Ah, excitement.  Everyone is anticipating the birth of the newest royal and I'm sure the wagering is heavy in England on sex, birth date, weight ...... people will gamble on anything.  (I know this because I do this.)

What's the big deal though?  This baby will be born with its future solidly locked down, no worries about anything, and a family history that will be difficult to memorize, but expected, nonetheless.  Great.  Babies are always good news.  I love babies - they're so incredibly guileless.  And this particular royal couple is so much less annoying than so many of the other royal pains. 

I'm betting they name the baby Diana Elizabeth or some variation.  At least, I'm sure the name Diana will figure into the equation.   I'm sure it's a girl.

At any rate, monarchies fascinate Americans because we have no such aristocracy here in the United States, except for the top paid actors and actresses.  It's a good thing America has no royalty - our people would certainly offend them at every opportunity, meaning to or not.  America's classless society could not handle royal protocol. 

So how does the royal nanny attend to the royal baby?  Is curtsying before diaper changing required?  Does one have to close one eyes before wiping off the royal bum?  Are royal babies allowed to burp?
Questions. Questions.  Well, regardless, the birth of any baby is good news (most of the time) and we certainly all anxiously await the royal posting on this particular little bundle of joy.

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