Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nazi's in the Northwoods

I read with disbelief that Gogebic Taconite, the large mining corporation who is waiting for permission (and likely going to get it thanks to Head Moron Scott Walker) to mine and destroy hundreds of miles of pristine Wisconsin forest, has hired a security force who will wear camouflage and be armed with AK47 assault weapons.

There have been some clashes between Gogebic Taconite and environmentalists, as well as the Native American tribes whose watershed is threatened by this corporation.

Now if one thing is certain, the radical right wing republicans have one motto - less government is better.  But what if our government is being replaced by corporate fascists who control everything with money and assault weapons, while removing every safeguard average citizens have?

My best friend grew up in communist Poland for awhile, and she often points out to me the similarities in what is happening here in Wisconsin with what happened in Poland.  The Russians dictated the way of life to the Poles; while here, the corporations are dictating the way of life to everyone in the proposed mine area.  All of this fascist behavior on the part of  Gogebic Taconite is a precursor of the kind of America that is coming to us all if we don't stand together and stop the capitalist PIGS in their greedy tracks.  If you don't believe me, fly somewhere and watch how quickly your carrier screws up your trip: delays your travel, loses your luggage, cancels your connection and tells you to pi$$ off:  that's non-regulated business.

So glad to be leaving this ignorant, backwards state.  My advice is not to take a walk in the woods in Wisconsin anymore.  Corporations have a license to kill.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the plot to the movie Avatar?

Citizen X said...

Truth is stranger than fiction.