Sunday, July 14, 2013

George Zimmerman found Not Guilty

I somehow can't get my head around the fact that a teenage boy is dead after being terrorized by his killer for walking around with a hoodie on.  I also cannot stomach that the killer has been acquitted. 

Am I alone here in my disbelief over this situation?  Am I alone in my utter terror of what concealed carry laws have rendered?  Am I to begin to carry a weapon with me at all times so I can live in the politically created fear that everyone is out to get me and I can shoot to kill with no ramifications?

All that aside, this young man, Trayvon Martin, is dead because someone didn't like his look (color?), didn't like his attitude (harassed?) and didn't like him being where the shooter thought he shouldn't be (anywhere in America?). 

What have we become?  Better question - what new lows have we managed to fall to?  The human race has never been one I've had particular respect or admiration for, despite having been a member for 62 years.  Believe me, if there was another tribe on this planet, I would gladly join it and ask questions later. 

Funny thing - one of my radical friends walked into his bank in a northwestern town in Wisconsin with a hoodie and aviator glasses on (as he called it - full Ted Kaczynski)  and deliberately tried to scare everyone with his look.  I'm guessing he has a ton of money on deposit with the particular bank.  At any rate, the bank ultimately posted a notice that anyone who entered the bank and looked "threatening" would not be served and would be treated as a potential theft.  Needless to say, my friend took his money and ran.  He is now talking about taking his money and running to another country.  Sounds like a good idea.  I wish I had enough money to do it, too.

Are we all supposed to look alike here in Amerika?  I propose we all swallow some chemical that will turn us all blue and smurfy nice.  Then we can all get the same brown shirts and alas, who will we find to hate?

F*ck humans.  I hope the aliens are saying it too, as they point their ray guns at our incredible stupidity.


Anonymous said...

The NRA has won. it's no longer safe to go to the local store to buy skittles and iced tea. Some idiot wannabe cop can confront you, shoot you, and then get get off scott free. This is so disgusting, depressing, and F'd up that I cannot go on.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I shed a tear when I saw the verdict, and I would regard myself as a "tough" guy. That a coward like Zimmerman could shoot an unarmed teenager and be acquitted shocks me. Coward, coward, coward..... That is your legacy, Zimmerman.

Anonymous said...

Even worse. Zimmerman will probably now become the spokesperson for the NRA. I truly blame the NRA, ALEC, and the politicians paid by the NRA for enabling Zimmerman to kill T. Martin. What wil happen next? Will Zimmerman be the new Billy the Kid that aspiring gunslingers will want to kill?

Citizen X said...

This country is unjust, unkind and uncivilized - like the republican party.