Tuesday, July 9, 2013


What is this constant fascination people on the right have with preventing legal abortions?  Why is there so much dismay expressed by the radical right when a woman wants to exercise a personal choice over her own body?  In short, what are these people so afraid of?

For the record, abortion seems to be a fairly extreme measure of birth control, and a choice I am glad I never had to make.  But it is my body and my right to say what happens to it.  I just got lucky, I guess.

Scott Walker and his administration have recently attempted to stop safe, legal abortions by enacting laws which have nothing to do with safe, legal abortions, except the restriction of them.  This is less about protecting fetuses and women's health; and everything to do about the constant efforts of conservative-minded people to obstruct women's rights.

These people seem to think women should defer to men, stand in men's shadows, and go back to a way of thinking where women were just nice little things to be petted, spoiled and stuck in a kitchen making pot roasts for the eight, ten or fifteen children she managed to push out of her overused uterus.  Didn't we leave all this behind decades ago?  Why do they want to push women back into another century?  WHY ARE YOU MEN SO F*CKING AFRAID OF WOMEN?

I believe some men are so struck by fear because women, at least in theory, can work alongside them, be better at things than they are, and get paid an equal salary.  Women's hard fought battle for equality threatens these types to the point they are emasculated and feel worthless.  Hey dudes - not our fault!  The problem lies in you, not in the uterus. 

Restrictive policies on women's rights over their own body is NOTHING short of STATE SANCTIONED SEXUAL ABUSE.

Women will not tolerate it.  We will not tolerate being forced into America's version of a NAZI experimental medical facility.  We will fight you and we will win.  You will crawl away from this fight a beaten loser and you will spend the rest of your days trying to find a manhood that you never possessed in the first place.


Anonymous said...

I believe that Scooter should personally take financial responsibility for every fetus that he thinks that he will "saves." Of course, he is doing exactly the opposite by cutting programs that would help single mothers in need. A true hypocrite.

Citizen X said...

Scott the Blot(on mankind)is a true moron. Like the puppeteers who have their hands up his butt making his lips move, the man is truly revolting.

Anonymous said...

I'm being a devil's advocate here. I sense that you have no love for doofus Scooter.

Have you considered posting a watch that will show how many days since Scooter did something useful? Of course, this is posted in factories as days since a lost time accident. Could be fun or depressing depending on how you look at it..

Citizen X said...

Compassion for a blind man I do have. However; I painted the interior of my entire house, and I can tell you unequivocally that watching paint dry is essentially more exciting than Scott Walker's misguided governorship.

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker's middle name is ALEC. That is all that Wisconsin voters need to know. If the voters do not know what that means, they should reconsider voting. Class warfare has begun.