Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ryan Braun Big News - Trayvon Martin - not so much.

It's front page scandalous news for Ryan Braun, who has been suspended from major league baseball due to his doping regimen with performance enhancing steroids.  Ah - American heroes - they fall mightily when they fall.  I could give a rat's a$$ about Ryan Braun or the drugs he took to make him the most valuable player, or whatever the hell he was dubbed.  Really.  I like baseball.  I like football, but I'm not insane about sports and it makes me sick to know that these people make millions of dollars while people doing real work, like teachers, are condemned for wanting union representation.  At any rate, our country is stuck in a bunch of fraudulent and misguided hero adoration and it bespeaks the intelligence level of this nation.  It should be noted here that I never buy a ticket for a game; only go if someone gives me a free one.  I refuse to take part in hero adoration funding.

So Ryan Braun gets to sit out the next 65 or whatever games because he's suspended.  Yeah - sure that's going to really make a difference to an overpaid superstar athlete.  Maybe he can go to the gym and do a legitimate work out to enhance his performance.  It's Lance Armstrong all over again.  People like Ryan Braun and Lance Armstrong give sports a bad name and take lying to new lows.

How quickly this story has replaced the travesty of justice of Trayvon Martin's death.  George Zimmerman now going to get his guns back?  Hello?  I like the fact that Kanye West, Stevie Wonder and Jay-Z are all going to boycott Florida over this.  So am I (although I probably will travel to Key West occasionally - since the Conchs don't consider themselves as part of Florida anyway.)  Florida is just too red-neck for me (this from a person who is moving to Louisiana).  Truthfully, stand your ground laws in Florida will be the demise of that state.  No one is going to feel safe there, especially anyone of color.  So let the boycott begin.

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