Tuesday, July 30, 2013


The depth of self-deception Mr. Walker embodies is almost laughable; except he actually does believe this stuff, which makes him dangerous.  And the people who believe right along with him are even more dangerous.  Wanting something to be true does NOT make it true.

The gutting of public employee unions here in the State of Wisconsin did nothing for the thousands of teachers and other public workers except seriously compromise their financial status.  That Mr. Walker would assume his actions were similar to FDR's actions in the time of the great depression is an insult to everyone who understands the difference between great leaders and circus clowns.

If Mr. Walker wants to adequately compare himself to historical figures, how about these:

1.  Adolph Hitler
2.  Charles Manson
3.  Chase the Gardener
4.  Pol Pot
5.  Idi Amin
6.  Bernie Madoff

Walker is a poor excuse for a politician and a classic example of a deluded human being.  Mr. Walker would benefit from some anti-psychotic medication, because his thinking is as twisted and chaotic as any person suffering the misery of schizophrenia. 

Please don't insult the memory of Franklin Delano Roosevelt by even using your name in the same paragraph, Mr. Walker.  We all know what you are --- an empty headed, uncreative pawn to the super rich.  We all look forward to your retirement --- and your future at some conservative think tank, which would be sort of like having a eunuch trying to make a donation at a sperm bank. 


Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. There is a similarity between FDR and Walker. FDR is dead and Walker is brain dead. For me, that is pretty much the same.

Citizen X said...

I stand corrected. But I think you have to have a brain before it can be declared dead. Walker is like the scarecrow in Oz:

Life would be so delightful
and certainly less frightful
If I only had a brain.