Sunday, November 3, 2013

America's Silent Depression

Back in the 1930's, things were pretty dismal in the United States.  There were bread lines and soup kitchens.  People starved to death.  Families were destroyed.  People lost their homes and farms and became migrant workers, exploited and abused. 

Supposedly, we put in safety networks to insure that this would never again happen in the land of opportunity.

But, those safety networks are being dissolved, one by one, by people who don't believe we need this sort of thing in the land of opportunity.

By republicans.  By the tea party.  By the 1% whose wealth is so vast, contributing to a national health care network would not make a bit of difference to their bottom line.

There is a silent depression going on in this country right now.  People are starving.  People are unable to get quality health care.  People are losing their homes.  The United States ranks 34th in health care delivery in the world; a very sad commentary on our nation's greed, for-profit health care and opportunistic parasites determined to suck the blood out of any form of socialized medicine.

Everyone knows I'm not a fan of today's America.  Wave your flags all you want.  The proof is in the doing.  America is an imperialistic son-of-a-bitch and continues to destroy itself.  I'm afraid that the old red, white and blue will be what's left of America, a bloody, bruised and nearly dead shadow of what it could have been.


Anonymous said...

We need you to run for president, PLEASE !

Citizen X said...

I'd be a terrible president - but I probably would be a wonderful benevolent dictator.

Anonymous said...

In my last job, I stayed in France for two weeks every two months. The contrast between the French and US citizens was both startling and depressing. In Europe, there was support for one another. Unfortunately, not so in the US. Here, if you are down on your luck, it's your fault.

Citizen X said...

Americans have cornered the market on apathy and turning a blind eye. Makes you want to live in France, doesn't it. Or anywhere but here.