Friday, November 15, 2013

Feeling Too Nice

I've neglected this blog as of late.  The weather in Louisiana is just too nice; I spend time outdoors rather than in front of my computer.  When it does cool off, I'm in the kitchen making some of my cold weather specialties.  And frankly, the political news, nationally, in Wisconsin and in Louisiana has left me feeling unsettled.  I'd rather feel nice, so I've been avoiding it.

Health care is in the news, especially the problems with the Affordable Care Act.  I'm saddened that something designed to help all Americans is off to such a rocky start; and sadder that republicans and red states are capitalizing on implementation issues as proof positive this law is a bad thing.  I live in a red state now, and the slant and bias in the news is very annoying to me; especially the odd-headed woman on channel 33 who smirks when talking about the problems with health care for everyone.  She could have her flat top, bulgy sided head fixed, which could also improve her conservative rhetorical ideas.  Misshapen skulls obviously lead to misshapen brains.  At any rate, unbiased reporting in Baton Rouge is not exactly a journalistic ethic anyone here follows. 

Scott Walker wrote a book?  Has Scott Walker ever read a book?  I think he might have read "My Life as a Geisha".  That fits perfectly.  Walker has turned down federal funding for implementation of the Affordable Health care Act in Wisconsin, but is now talking about moving Wisconsin citizens off Medicare and onto plans under the health care act.  Be sure, the advantage in doing so would cause harm to Medicare recipients and help Scott Walker's unbalanced budget and unbalanced nature.  I would love to see Scott Walker get his bony a$$ kicked out of Madison in the upcoming election.  Note to self:  contribute to Mary Burke's campaign.

I can't decide if Bobby Jindal is a light-skinned black, addicted to tanning booths or spending the kick back $750,000 from nursing homes doing some island hopping.  One theory is that Hitler was Jewish, which is an insult to Jewish people everywhere; but maybe Bobby Jindal is a black man, which is, also, an insult to black men everywhere.  I apologize. 

I see the Koch brothers are flooding the market place with their "Americans for Prosperity" ads attacking Obamacare.  A pox upon them!  Really - or how about a flesh eating disease to give them a first hand lesson in parasites.  Americans for Prosperity my a$$.  These are rich people united to protect other rich people, and nothing more.  No prosperity for the average Joe.  And no health care either. 

I heard people lined up to get Sarah Palin's book at a bookstore somewhere in Wisconsin; probably the Fox Valley, but I forget.  If that isn't the ultimate show of dumb, f*cking Americans anywhere in the world, then I'm a princess of Bahrain.  Sarah Palin's book writing talent is second only to Scott Walkers.  Neither of them has a brain cell firing in their vacuous heads, so what they put down on paper is as mindless as the people who buy this trash. 

Anyhow - 75 degrees today in Baton Rouge.  Too nice to be inside and too annoying to read anymore or watch anymore biased news "reporting". 

F*ck America's Politics.  It's my mantra.

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