Monday, November 4, 2013

Why Bobby Jindal Needs the Boot

Louisiana has a natural defense against flooding; a very good thing in a land where hurricanes are regular visitors.  The bayous along the coast have been protecting New Orleans and the rest of the coastal communities for centuries.  Until now. 

Oil companies have sucked Bobby Jindal's brain cells right out of his head.  He allowed them to come in, divert waterways, destroy natural resources and basically screw up the entire coastline.  Bobby Jindal loves oil company money; much more than he loves Louisiana. 

Is it safe to say that republican and environmental moron are interchangeable terms?  I believe it is.  Louisiana is doing relatively well in terms of jobs and economic status for residents.  On the highway that leads me to New Orleans, there are so many oil refineries, petro-chemical producers and all the businesses supplying those corporations that the average pay at one of these places is about $70,000 annually for a skilled worker.  That's a lot of money for an hourly wage earner.  And I'm glad people are employed, paid well, and doing better than average.

I'm not glad, however, that the cost of business is the destruction of Louisiana's coastline.

Bobby Jindal must go.  He loves cash more than he loves the state.  No big surprise.  Republicans are nothing if not short-sighted. 

On the bright side, based on what's happening in the Virginia elections this year, it is becoming vividly apparent that the republican party has shot themselves in the head with their radical extremist politics. 

Let's get rid of the republicans and take back the environment.  Vote for anyone except Bobby Jindal.  Why can't I ever live in a state with a good governor? 

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AlexisAR said...

Bobby Jindal gives me a serious case of the willies.