Thursday, December 22, 2011


James Sensenbrenner, you all remember him from his drunken, wrong way of the freeway driving arrest of several years ago, had the audacity to comment on Michelle Obama's posterior.  One more large a$$ with nothing to say.  Mr. Sensenbrenner ought to be ashamed of himself.  A personal attack and insult on the president's wife is simply symbolic of the GOP and their disgusting views and underhanded tactics.  The party of totalitarianism, and totally inept public speakers.  The party without a brain. 

Scott Walker is being sued by a woman denied an appointment in Marquette County, Wisconsin; said appointment going to an inexperienced person who happened to be a crony of the Walker campaign.  Here's a large a$$ who hands out jobs like they were candy canes, to people unqualified to perform the duties. that would surprise anyone.  The unqualified always support the unqualified.  This is how they hide behind their incompetence.

I can only hope that enough of these public exposures of the GOP's inability to address any problem with logic, reason and diplomacy will insure Barack Obama's reelection.  Seriously, if handing out insults was a trait for future leaders of our country, then hell, I should be elected president.  Yeah.  I'd be great.  I'd go right to congress and tell everyone of those bickering bastards that their service to the United States is over and they're all going to be deported to Syria immediately.  Then, like Scott Walker, I'd rewrite and pass the law to make it all happen.  Obviously, I'd make a terrible president.  So would anyone from the GOP.

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