Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Walker Family Wishes us a Happy Holiday

More propaganda, this time the whole Walker family gathered around in Christmas bliss, begging us to put our political views aside, and enjoy the peace of the holiday season.

Hmmmm.  The most contentious governor in United States history asking us to forget his assault on working class people of the State of Wisconsin, in the spirit of Christmas.  Well, I don't think it's likely that parents who couldn't put presents under the tree for their little ones because of Walker's policies are feeling peace or bliss at this time of year. 

But Walker's P.R. folks have it all planned out.  What they didn't plan on was how utterly hypocritical Walker's t.v. spots would actually appear to the working class.  This is serving us (those who wish to see Walker in a new line of work) well.  The citizenry of Wisconsin is neither stupid nor particularly forgiving where Scott Walker is concerned.  And those who stand with him are viewed as just as stupid and disgustingly underhanded. 

But, the season of have is very much alive in the republican party here in Wisconsin.  Let's hope the have nots get out and vote in the recall election.


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