Saturday, December 3, 2011

Could Scott Walker Have a More Repugnant T.V. Ad?

I just watched, for the umpteenth time, Scott Walker's t.v. commercial wherein a "teacher" by the name of Kristi, says that she stands behind Walker 100% for doing exactly what he said he'd do.

I have a few problems with this.  First of all, Scott Walker did exactly what he DIDN'T say he was going to do, i.e., destroy the unions and about 500,000 lives.

Second, and by far more importantly, this "teacher" says she stands behind Scott Walker 100% and that a recall election is just "sour grapes".  Listen, Sweetie Darling,  You just ate those sour grapes.  You're not a teacher, you're a paid actor.  And, after all, since you'll do anything for money, you're just a whore, bought and paid for by the Koch brothers.

Third, and of this I am certain, if you were actually a Wisconsin teacher, you'd get your a$$ kicked royally by real teachers.  For that, I'd gladly pay the price of admission.  In fact, I'd stand in line to kick your a$$ through blinding snow, sleet, tornados, and the Santa Ana winds, which is probably exactly what you're enduring there in Southern Cal, where you can't get a real acting job.  Note:  To act, one must be authentic.

Scott Walker is a little mouse caught in a big trap --- his lying mouth.  Scott Walker's days as governor are numbered.  No matter how much money the Koch whores ante up.

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