Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Republican Presidential Debate.....OR......How to Find Comic Material for a Blog

I intend to watch the GOP slate of presidential candidates debate tonight on television; not because I'm interested in anything these, uh, less than stellar thinkers have to say about the state of our nation, but because, from a comic standpoint (think of me as Banya) THIS IS GOLD, JERRY, THIS IS GOLD.  If you don't understand that last comment, please get into watching reruns of Seinfeld.  Anyone of the characters on that sitcom would be a better presidential candidate than Newt, Rick, Michele, Mitt, etc.

I'll have to post tomorrow all my comments after viewing the debate, and trust me, I'll be taking notes.  This is better than comedy central.

But since its today, let's talk about my least favorite place in Wisconsin, Waukesha County, home of the seriously uninspired and insipid.

Apparently the Waukeshates don't like Scott Walker recall petitioners in their neighborhood, and have been getting in the faces of election workers out gathering signatures.  Brute force is always the political fallback method of the seriously intellectually challenged.  Look at the Nazis.  Scott Walker has proven himself to have behaved little better than Hitler and boy, have the Nazi followers gathered in Waukesha County.  I promise to sing Deutschland, Deutschland, Deutschland next time I ride through Waukesha on my way to somewhere else.  That is, afterall, the only reason to venture into Waukesha.  Waukesha, the new Aryan Nation.

Anyhow, all this thuggery from the GOP and their backers makes me sort of wish anarchy would hurry up and get here.  I'd like nothing better than to kick some Waukesha a$$ around a subdivision.  How fun would THAT be?  Bullies are always wimps, and I'm pretty sure, even with my injured right hand, I could slap the crap out of any Waukeshate, anytime. 


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