Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mike Gableman, The Personification of a Bottom Feeding Lawyer

I've never had a great deal of respect for lawyers.  From ambulance chasing to the United States Senate, they seem, as a group, devoid of all traits that would be coveted in a human being.

That being said, let's talk about the bottom of the bottom.  Mike Gableman.  Even his face looks as if he's sucking sludge off the bottom of a stagnant pond.  Not that that's a surprise for a lawyer.  But how this guy thought he could get it over on the Wisconsin citizenry by underhanded practices, accepting free legal services, and then making biased decisions as he sat on the Supreme Court is just beyond me. 

I truly believe that the GOP in Wisconsin, and possibly the United States, has sunk to new lows of moral depravity.  One thing is certain, a person like Mike Gableman sitting on the Supreme Court of Wisconsin is akin to Michele Bachman opening a family planning/abortion clinic.   A person like Mike Gableman sitting on the Supreme Court is an insult and a lie, and I'm sure his fellow justices hold their noses in his presence.  Mr. Gableman is morally reprehensible, and not fit to hold any public office, not in a democracy.  Maybe in the oligarchy we're heading to, but not in a democracy.

And let's not forget the sleaze bags at Michael Best & Friedrich.  This law firm is seriously entrenched in criminal behavior.  I hope someone loses their license to practice law over this debacle.  Hopefully, it will be Gableman.

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