Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Teachers for Scott Walker

Trust me when I say it, there are no teachers living in the State of Wisconsin who would stand with Scott Walker.

Scott Walker's current television ad campaign keeps presenting (actors acting as) teachers, standing with him.  It is this artful manipulation of reality that speaks to the mentality of Scott Walker backers.  People who stand with Scott Walker apparently love to be lied to and enjoy their delusions.    They won't check a fact, and believe everything Scott Walker says on television is the gospel truth.  They don't get that their acid trip has started to go bad. 

I'd really like to know the moment when saving a tax dollar began to equate with idolatry?  More importantly, when did saving a tax dollar while dismissing the needs of the most vulnerable members of our society equate with good politics?  And when did the republicans lose all characteristics of being human beings and become the hideous monsters they truly are today?

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