Monday, September 19, 2011

Class Warfare?

OMG!!!!!   Paul Ryan (and we all know what a font of disintelligence spouts there)  has claimed that raising taxes and fairly taxing millionaires and billionaires is a form of class warfare. 

Education cuts, most notably on inner city schools and the poor children who attend.  Not class warfare?

Health Care only for those who can afford the premiums.  Not class warfare?

Dissolution of labor union contracts for public employees.  Not class warfare?

The list is endless.

I've basically had it with Republicans and their propagandized version of a working democracy, i.e., complete totalitarianism by the corporate giants who run this country.  The Nazi's also engaged in this type of propaganda behavior ...... calling the other side exactly what the Nazi's themselves were.  Gluttonous, hateful pigs who were going to destroy the country. 

Take back the country.  Take back the money the rich have stolen from you.  In fact, let's make it so f*cking difficult for the rich to live here that they'll all have to move.  Maybe then the United States of America can regain credibility as a nation.  Class warfare?  I think the Republicans had better take a long hard look at what that actually entails.  No one seems to learn anything from history, which is why it continually repeats itself. 


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