Friday, September 2, 2011

Back to Wisconsin --- Back to GOP Nonsense

It was nice to be in New York for a week.  Mayor Bloomberg successfully coordinated an effort to protect citizens from Hurricane Irene, erring on the side of caution by having people evacuate lower Manhattan and low-lying regions, closing mass transit, and generally, showing true leadership in a time of crisis.  That was so refreshing. 

Here's what I find when I return to this muddled up mess we call a state:

1.  Scott Walker's administration under investigation for campaign irregularities.  Although that's not much of a surprise, it still disgustingly falls into categories of GOP antic and Scott Walker "I'm above the law" mentality. 

2.  Justice Prosser, currently under investigation for putting State Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley in a chokehold, has come up with an ally in falsehood in the equally integrity-challenged Mike Gableman, who now claims  Justice Bradley hit him in the back of the head.  He couldn't remember quite what year that was.  (No surprise here, since it never happened.)   Fortunately, no one witnessed this exchange.  Sounds as if the closed-door investigation is not going well for Justice Prosser.  The GOP and the conservative regime in Wisconsin will stop at nothing to protect one of their own.  Trouble is, "one of their own" increasingly means a lying, cheating, total waste of skin. 

Lies.  Altering facts.  Spinning a new reality out of the straw of political necessity.

These are your leaders, folks. 

Welcome to Wisconsin.

Wish I lived in Manhattan.

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