Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Corporate Fascism

I'm really disgusted with the corporatized America I live in.  Corporations run this country, and they are free to do whatever the hell they want, thanks to the likes of Ronald Reagan, George Bush and the GOP. 

Example:  Have had no cable t.v. for over a week.  AT&T schedules repair appointments for me, then doesn't show.  Have to navigate a byzantine automated phone system to reach them.  They lie to me repeatedly.  I actually have discovered that I don't really mind not having cable television, so in fact, their incompetence is my enlightenment.  I can get local and national news.  If I don't like what is showing on network t.v., I can read some books.  The latest scoop on this inconvenience is they are coming tomorrow to fix the problem.  Well, that's the fourth time this week. We'll see.  If the problem can be fixed, fine.  My bottom line, however, is the next problem I have with AT&T will be the last.  We have made a decision to live without cable.

I go to work today at a large retailer, who broadcasts over the store intercom that we all fell short in making enough money yesterday, and shame on us, we need to do better.  Excuse me?  The economy is in the tank, or haven't you fat asses heard that?  Guess not.  You're too busy counting your millions and wishing for more.  And by the by, why in the F*ck should I do better so this corporate greed machine can take it all and give me absolutely nothing in return.  Screw off.  That's my attitude toward my employer.  Don't like my attitude?  Fire me.  I'm actually looking for a good excuse to never give another cent to any corporation, from my VISA and MasterCard accounts to every little greedy hand that reaches my way to sell me some $hit service or junk item made in China piece of crap.  Know what?  I can live without it.  So can you.

The corporate fascists of America are holding this country and it's people hostage.  I'm ready to default and say, oops, I said I would pay the money back, but I lied.  Much like you lie to me.  F*ck you and if you don't like it, sue me.

But you'll have to find me first.  I can be very hard to find when I want to be.  We all can.

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