Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scott Walker's Hypocrisy

The FBI has raided the home of a former top Scott Walker administrator, who followed him to Madison into yet another high-paying state position (better still than the county position she held), removing computers and other materials.  The FBI is not commenting on what they're looking for.

Speculation is that Scott Walker and his top administrators spent an awful lot of Milwaukee County taxpayer dollars campaigning for his gubernatorial election when they should have been accomplishing Milwaukee County business.

Scott Walker has paid the law firm of Michael, Best & Friedrich around $60,000 thus far, defending himself against.....something? 

There is an ongoing John Doe investigation in Milwaukee County probing the possible misuse of time and money by Scott Walker and his right wing crusading hacks.  Since John Doe investigations are secret, again, I am speculating.

For a raging tea bag like Scott Walker, who blazed into the Milwaukee County Courthouse screaming about inefficiency and taxpayer waste, we are all in wonderment at his "above it all" attitude.  Scott Walker destroyed union bargaining in Milwaukee County during his tenure, giving nothing to workers who had not had a raise, some for upwards of eight years.  Mr. Walker than destroyed the security team at the Milwaukee County Courthouse, replacing them with private workers.  This action cost Milwaukee County hundreds of thousands of dollars when the courts decided Mr. Walker overstepped and the workers had to be reinstated, with back pay.  These are just a few examples of Mr. Walker's inability to lead.

In short, Mr. Walker now seems to have been caught in illegal campaign activities that will ultimately cost Milwaukee County taxpayers another outrageous fortune.  Mr. Walker, and all tea bags, seem to believe that they are above the law, and any means justify their personal ends.

This is proof positive that a person with a rabid and radical agenda just does not have the intelligence to govern.  I hope you're listening Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and Sarah Palin.  I guess I've always known that the tea bag movement would ultimately destroy itself by their sheer ignorance and audacity. 

Fellow Wisconsinites, our time will come to kick the giant a$$ of the hopeless moron who sits in the Capitol as our governor, right out of politics.  Get angry.  Get moving.  Get Walker.  Get Happy.

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