Friday, September 30, 2011

The Appeal from the Unappealing Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Nothing annoys me more severely than the catholic church.

My dead father-in-law received another letter, delivered to my address, explaining the archdiocese's position on clergy abuse, and how the Chapter 11 filing by the archdiocese will not affect parishes.

This letter went on to say:

"the archdiocese of Milwaukee has been and continues to be forthcoming with information about clergy sexual abuse and about perpetrators."  An outright lie.

"archdiocesan resources are quite limited...."  Outright bull$hit.

At any rate, the letter was meant to tell parishioners that money collected to do the good work of the church will not be used to settle lawsuits from victims of clergy abuse.  It was meant to reassure catholics that they should continue to give generously.

My deceased father-in-law was a true believer and a good catholic.  That was his prerogative. 

Mine is to dispute anything the catholic church has to say about their righteousness, their holiness, and their fiscal state.  There is too much blood on their hands, which is why they need all those fancy robes to hide them in.

I say the catholic church should give away their priceless art collection to the victims of clergy abuse.  Let these sinful masqueraders get down on their knees and pray for redemption of their heinous crimes.

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