Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Romney Lacking in Foreign Policy Knowledge - and Lying About It

I think it is important to remember that when we elect a president, he represents us globally.  Mitt Romney just doesn't have the credibility a leader needs in a global environment. 

Mr. Romney is unclear on aspects of foreign policy and is not widely respected in the world as a leader.  In fact, because he belongs to a cult (the Mormon Church), Mr. Romney is immediately suspect by many world leaders.  Most people don't have any idea what the dogma of the Mormon Church is, but in a nutshell, they believe they are the chosen people and they must perpetuate church teachings.  They believe Jesus Christ traveled to the United States on a boat, and spoke to Joseph Smith through a bunch of golden plates and a translating stones.  No one has ever seen these plates or stones.

I believe everyone has a right to believe whatever they want to believe in a spiritual sense.  However, an organized religion with an agenda such as the Mormon Church is scary to me when a potential political leader is also an ordained bishop of that church. 

Mormons are notoriously anti-women.  They seem to also be anti-intellectual.  They are absolutely racist.  Nowhere in the bible was Jesus Christ ever referred to as a sailor.  But we have a lot of people out in Utah (and elsewhere) who buy this lock, stock and barrel. 

I digress.  Romney clearly lacks a plan, or a thorough knowledge of foreign affairs.  What I'd like to see is Mitt Romney retrace the supposed voyage of Jesus Christ and show us the gold plates and the translating stones.  Then I might give him some credibility.  But he'll never have my vote.


AlexisAR said...

I'm not sure if Jesus actually traveled to the Americas by boat. I do know Lehi and his family traveled to theamericas by boat, and so did a few others, including jared and his famous brother 9known in the B of m simply as "the brother of Jared"). *** I thought Jesus just sort of descended upon the continent(s). I'm not LDS, however, though my dad was and his family still is, but it's not as though I sat through four years of LDS seminary. So maybe he did travel by boat and I missed that chapter.

Everything else you've written about the lovely cult jibes with what I've learne in my summers of sitting through LDS meetings and services.

I'm really afraid of what might happen if this presidential election doe not go the way you or I think it should.

*** My brother's user name on one LDS site is "Jared's Other Brother." The Mormons consider him blasphemous for using that name.

Anonymous said...

It's inconceivable to me that anyone would vote for Romney unless they have an annual income greater than $1 mill. He is a complete lightweight on any issue whether they are social issues, economic issues, or foreign policy. I am seriously considering relocating if this fool and his fascist cohorts take control of this country. Baby Bush was bad but Romney takes it even a notch lower.

Citizen X said...

Yes, but I would have thought it was inconceivable to live in a land of hopelessly moronic people; yet, here I am. Costa Rica. Looking Better Everyday!