Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sheriff Clarke's Continued Confusion

I use the County Parks all of the time.  I have a dog.  She loves the park. 

The big brohaha in Milwaukee is that Sheriff Clarke is upset that park patrols are going to be taken over by the Milwaukee Police Department.


What is Sheriff Clarke doing with the park patrol money that he currently has budgeted?  It's not patrolling the parks.

In the park closest to my home, I have NEVER, I repeat, NEVER seen a Sheriff Patrol.  I generally go there once a day.  Summer, Fall, Spring and Winter.  I have, however, seen many Milwaukee Police Department members here because this park lies just to the west of a pretty bad area.  So the police are actually doing the Sheriff's Department jobs in this park, and I want to know what Clarke is doing with the money.  Probably buying guns he can't use (the average cop can only carry so much firepower, afterall) and sending people to Harvard.  Well, I guess we wouldn't want a Harvard-educated cop to waste all that brain power on park patrol.

My dog is a springer and she loves to swim, so I go to a big park that runs for miles along the lakefront.  I can guarantee you I have also never seen a Sheriff patrol in this park.  What I do see is a lot of broken booze bottles in the creek and on the beach.  Maybe underage drinkers aren't a priority for the Sheriff, but my safety certainly should be. 

The bottom line is Sheriff Clarke seems to get the money to do park patrols, but spends it elsewhere.  We all know about Sheriff Clarke's creative accounting......or in layman's terms, ability to cook the books. 

Clarke needs to go.  He's not thinking with a clear head.  Must be the weight of that white cowboy hat he always dons.  Someone should tell him he looks like the Sheriff in Blazing Saddles. 

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