Saturday, October 6, 2012


I think the republicans and the millionaires in this country have focused so exclusively on a negative presidential campaign that probably none of their candidates will win office.  People can only take so much.

My mother was negative; and that's putting it mildly. I grew up with a constant stream of trashy remarks, blows to self esteem and a definite feeling of being resented and wished dead.  My mother had bipolar disorder, so I guess she didn't know how to help herself, and the reality was that back in the fifties, there just wasn't a lot of medications available to treat the illness.  My point is, people can't stand listening to the negative on a constant basis; and for the past year, that's what has happened in the presidential campaign.  I know I reached my saturation point with my mother's negativity and unleashed verbally on her on many occasions.  It made no difference in the long run, but I felt better just telling her what a drag she was.  On some level, I knew how hurtful I was being, and I wanted to be that hurtful.  Maybe it was part of my therapy. 

In politics, the truth is we don't really know what causes these greedy millionaires, whom have SO VERY MUCH, to get so involved in hatefulness and negativity.  Do you think maybe their money isn't making them very happy?  That would be my first guess.  Do you think tax breaks would make them happier?  What does it take for these people to be happy?  I don't think there's an answer.  If you're a millionaire, please contribute to making the world a better place --- off yourself.

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