Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What the F*ck Ever

I've been sitting here, depressed, about this country, its politics and its people, when it occurs to me, again, that there never is going to be a political solution.  So I should just give up feeling bad that Wisconsin's governor is on the same intellectual plane as your common, garden variety, turnip.  We Wisconsinites, after all, are Farmers.......why shouldn't we all resemble root vegetables?

And the United States is, indeed, the people of Walmart.  Fat asses, bad fashion choices and sow's ears dressed up like silk purses.  I don't care what your socio-economic level is, or how much you don't pay in taxes.  You are the people of Walmart.  You are ridiculous in your quest for the material miracle.  Drop to your bloody knees and worship your real God -- no one could ever accuse you of having a false God!  This is who you are.  No aisle in which to buy a soul, poor you, and even if there was, you would be blinded by all that is shiny.

And the rest of the people of the world?  Caught up in their own cultural devotions.  All ridiculous.  All designed to devour downward on the food chain.  Why am I on this ridiculous planet.  How did I get left here to fend for myself in all this discord, disbelief, dishonesty?

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