Friday, June 8, 2012

The Single Thing I Find Most Incredulous About Wisconsin Citizens

Somehow, Scott Walker managed to convince people that all the economic evils were caused by public sector employees and the unions that represented them.

How about both Bush presidents getting us involved in wars over oil that cost us trillions of dollars?  Ask the average Wisconsinite, and they'll tell you we were after Saddam Hussein because of the World Trade Center terrorist attack.  They believe this.  Their ignorance is legendary.  I'm guessing Al Qaida is not even in their vocabulary, nor any knowledge of what really transpired on 9/11.

How about Ronald Reagan deregulating the banking and finance industry, causing the economic meltdown that clearly our children, their children and countless future children will pay for forever? 

It just seems to me that idiots shouldn't be allowed to vote.  You should have a passing knowledge of world affairs and the United States to be eligible to get a ballot.  I'm not saying that people who haven't had the best education shouldn't be allowed to vote, I'm saying f*ckheads who turn up at the polls should have a some understanding of basic current affairs.  But fat, lazy Wisconsin f*ckheads like to get their info from ridiculous lying sound bytes or from that pillar of moronhood, Rush Limbaugh.  Wisconsinites do love their fat stupid a$$es and they keep dragging them around, wreaking havoc with their mindlessness.  I'm glad the people of Wisconsin are as fat and stupid as they are.  They won't be able to run fast or far once the revolution comes.


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear, good god! They're everywhere! There are idiots in Illinois who would like to trade their governor (Quinn) for walker. Well, I say, let 'em have walker! They can have him for all I care! Illinois, Wisconsin will gladly send walker on his way to you in a rocket that's faster than the speed of light! We can't wait to be rid of him!

Such idiots, such fools! They're everywhere!

Citizen X said...

I have only one thin dream left. A prison cell for Walker. I'm so sick of this idiot's stupid face and empty head. Thanks for commenting. I know there are people in Wisconsin who detest Walker.......but we are obviously in the minority. Ah well, intellectuals usually are.