Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Scott Walker's Wienie Fest

Doesn't it just figure that the pin head otherwise known as Governor Walker would host a bipartisan wienie-roast?

What else would you expect from the State's Number One Knob.

Now that it looks like he's lost the state senate (although the number two knob still has failed to concede the election), Scott Walker is going to make "nice"?

The only nice thing Scott Walker could possibly do for the State of Wisconsin is to go to prison.  Here's hoping.


Anonymous said...

Good grief, that wanggaard is requesting a recount. What a baby! Can't those repugnant walker-bots ever conceive that not everybody wants their self-righteous asses dictating their backwoods philosophies to us!

Citizen X said...

It's a dumb dumb land we live in. What the republicans lack in intellect they more than make up for in sheer audacity and arrogance. Bleeding heart liberals might wear their compassion on their sleeves, but the republicans wear their buttholes on top of their necks.