Friday, June 29, 2012

Grab 'N Stab Walker

A giant chunk of federal mortagage relief funds will be diverted to close State of Wisconsin budget gaps.
Huh?  What budget gaps?

Walker "balanced the budget".  Isn't that what he's always saying?  Is it really necessary or prudent to rob people who have already lost their homes, yet again?  I guess all's fair in hate and totalitarian politics.

Walker is the Reverse Robin Hood.  He steals from the poor to pacify the rich.  What I wouldn't give for a lightening bolt to strike him dumb.  Oh yeah, waste of energy.  He couldn't get any dumber.  At any rate, I hereby dub the guv'nor as Ostrich Hood.  His head is buried up to his gullet, and not in sand.  This is what happens when you kiss your own a$$ too frequently; you ultimately end up eating your own $hit.

Walker will, unfortunately, get a whole lot more greedy.  But that just makes him a typical American.  Still, as I sit here and watch the disintegration of the United States because of people like Scott Walker and his supporters, I can't help but admire Karl Marx.  He sure nailed it.  Capitalism most definitely is collapsing.  And not a moment too soon.

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