Saturday, June 16, 2012

Seriously? A Recount?

Apparently, Van Wanggard is a sore loser, and is demanding a recount.  On the bright side, I'm very happy the people in Racine voted to dump this particularly annoying misogynist.

Politics as usual here in Wisconsin, i.e., having nothing to do with democracy.  I'm really sick of this state, but you all know that. 

Let's talk about something completely different today.  Like why people drive like total idiots.  Granted, it is Wisconsin, where we have the most drunk drivers of any other state in the union.  That being said, I find it hard to believe that at 8:00 a.m. there are that many drunk drivers on the city streets I travel.  What I've noticed is a certain type of driver, rushing to work in the morning who just doesn't have a clue about the rules of the road.

Here are my driving tips for the ridiculous people I'm constantly swerving to avoid:

1.  A red light means stop.  It doesn't mean rush through before the right of way traffic gets going. 
2.  A bike lane is, well, a bike lane.  Don't pass me in it.
3.  That thing on the left side of your steering wheel - it's a blinker.  Turn it on once in awhile.
4.  Your music choices are fine, just don't make them mine.
5.  If you're smoking crack at a stop light, please understand my deep interest in keeping an eye on you and don't mean mug me.
6.  When you're doing 65 down a 30 mph city street, those little stumps you see as you fly by are actually children whom are notoriously known for running out in the street.
7.  If there is no parking space available, please don't block traffic to talk to your friends on the sidewalk.
8.  Put a seatbelt on the kids jumping around in the backseat.
9.  Go the the MVD and get a handbook on rules of the road; most of you have forgotten everything you really need to know.
10.  Take the bus and leave your wild ride at home. 

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