Thursday, June 28, 2012

Health Care for Everyone

In Costa Rica, definitely a third world country but with a great big first class heart, everyone has health care.  Just like they do in Canada.  So why the big outrage that supposedly the richest country in the world wants to offer health insurance to all of its citizens?  Costa Rica has been providing this service for years.  Canada for decades.  England.  Sweden. 

In Costa Rica, one quarter of the nation's land is set aside for environmental protection.  Maybe had we done that here, Colorado Springs wouldn't be burning and California wouldn't be on the very edge of total environmental catastrophe.  

In America, everything is about much it costs, who can afford it, how much we make, how much we spend, and what we "possess".   

Perhaps this tunnel vision has caused us to be a nation of morbidly stupid people.  The rich steps on the middle class, the middle class steps on the poor, and everybody seems to think that all this is just fine.  American life, as usual.  But it is not just fine.  If you think I'm wrong, then you're just hiding from the fact that another big economic meltdown is on the way to America, courtesy of the corporations and the politicians in their pockets.  It won't be so easy to survive after that; and the cause is not because a compassionate president made a decision to care for the health of the United States citizenry.  It will be because the corporations can't make the obscenely greedy profits they once reaped off the sweat, blood and death of Joe Average.

I'm glad I have off shore investments.  You should get some money out of here, too.  Because the United States cannot survive in its current incarnation.  And that, my friend, IS a good thing.  I'm going to rethink living in New Orleans.  Costa Rica is a benevolent and thoughtful nation.  They truly have a reason to feel good about themselves.  I can't find one here. 

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