Monday, June 11, 2012

The Un-United States

It's amazing how polarized this country is.  The tea bags and radical right want to take it in one direction.  The liberals and intellectuals believe this nation has thoughtful people in it and keep pandering to them, when in fact, dumbing down is the only way to accomplish things.


I'm just sick of living in a country where the populace is the last thing on the mind of the government, and the last thing they consider when passing laws.

Thought I'd live in New Orleans, but the governor of Louisiana is a bigger horse's a$$ than Walker, so I'd ultimately just get more annoyed, which is hard to imagine.

Don't know where I'll end up......I just hope I'm out of here soon.  The United States is not united at all.  It's a terrible disaster and proof positive that capitalism is doomed, democracy is doomed and we're doomed as human beings.

What I wouldn't give for some intelligent life!

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