Friday, June 15, 2012

How Intelligent Wisconsinites Really Feel

Scott Walker is going around, touting his new "popularity" and promising to use it for the "good" of the state.  Fat chance.

First of all, it's an embarrassment having this yokel fly around the country, representing me.  This man (and I use the term loosely) does not represent me and he never will.  There are an estimated 58,000,000 people in the United States of America who have no more than a sixth grade education.  I guess they all live in Wisconsin and they all voted this moron into office.  Twice.  Like birds of a feather, people with limited IQ's stick together, as well.

I sincerely hope Scott Walker chokes on a deviled egg at one of the soirees surely to be held in his honor.  But that doesn't solve the problem of all those millions of people who are just as stupid as he is.  They are by far the biggest threat to America. 

I was watching "Cash Cab" the other night and had to turn it off because basic questions could not be answered by the contestants on this show.  It's depressing to be surrounded by so many people who don't know their a$$es from holes in the ground.  Perhaps that's why I'm disillusioned to the point of wanting to run away.  People of Walmart is a misnomer.  That's what's out there, folks, that is your voting American populace.

The problem doesn't seem to be the politics of the United States as much as the IQ level of its citizenry.  For me, the reasons don't matter anymore.  Getting out matters.  I need to get out of here quickly.  It's too depressing to live amidst all this stupid.

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