Monday, June 18, 2012

All Aboard! United States - Next Stop Hell

Lately, Mitt Romney is annoying me as much as Scott Walker does.  The U.S. economy is in the dumper.  News Flash!  This is not, I repeat, NOT Barack Obama's fault.  No where do the republicans accept responsibility for the dismal state of economic affairs.  Their vision is non-existent.  The blind have no vision; the rich, even less than none.

I seriously need to leave the United States; go to a country where I can get real news stories about what's really happening here.  The republican propaganda machine is reminiscent of the Brown Shirts in Nazi Germany. 

I have just one question.  All you yokels who voted republican, do you actually understand you brought freedom to only one class of people, that being the richest 1%?  Of course you don't get that.

ATTENTION WALMART SHOPPERS!  On Sale in Aisle 6.  The Bill of Rights.  The United States Constitution.  Lowest mark downs of the century (because frankly, they are no longer worth the paper they're printed on.)

Go America!  Straight to the Slaughter.

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