Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Gafia

So, if a bunch of crooks organize crime and create an underworld, you call them the mafia, right?

Seems as fitting to call Scott Walker and his quagmire dwelling cronies the gafia, because they have literally wiped out all ethics in government.  They steal money and votes (see redistricting debacle) and they will most likely execute anyone who gets in their way.  They're already killing off the poor.

The redistricting data that has magically disappeared from government computers is proof positive that Scott Walker is Wisconsin's own Nixon.  Can't someone please charge this sonofabitch with a crime?  Where's the justice?

I don't know how some people look in the mirror without retching their slimy guts out.  Scott Walker probably avoids mirrors like a vampire.  How can people who commit crimes against the public they're elected to serve ever stand the sight of themselves?  Probably just because they are rotten to the core.  Talk about the walking dead.  The wheels of justice move slowly, but these guys deserve to be ground to powder underneath them.

The republican legislature in Wisconsin stinks.  And the people of Wisconsin who elected these bastards stink even worse. 

Wisconsin is a cesspool.  Thanks you idiots.  We're so happy that for every dollar you covet you've lost ten million brain cells.  We're just unhappy you're in power.  It's like Godzilla came to town and the Japanese fleet is out fishing.  The emperor isn't just not wearing any clothes, he's wearing a lizard suit.  It's as bad as any B-movie ever to come out of Japan.


AlexisAR said...

scott Walker is probably such a scum bag that he thinks being compared to Nixon is a compliment.

Citizen X said...

Right!? He's that stupid.