Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Scott Walker Writing a Book?

Seriously?  The guy couldn't write a term paper (see flunked out of Marquette).

Jesus H. Christ.  H for Ha Ha Ha.

Scott Walker writing a book?  Well, well, well,  Do wonders never cease?  Do morons ever believe in their own limitations?  Of course, a Dubya Bush speechwriter is going to help him.  Rumor is, any word over four letters is beyond Walker's spelling ability.  I guess he did master "pander".  He had to.  A Bush speechwriter.  Well, doing a spin on weapons of mass destruction I guess qualifies a person as a writer, in some cheap imitation of life.

Let's think of some book titles that will work for me if Scott Walker is, indeed, going to be an author.  Hey --- he's a governor.  No one in their right mind would have ever believed that ten years ago.  Proof positive, Wisconsin's citizenry is seriously under the influence of LCD (latent cerebral decline).

Okay, here goes:

How to Turn A Grease Ball into a Governor

Politics for Dummies

What's That Smell?

The Skin Hole on My Pate

The Marionette of Madison

How to Drive to Madison in Five Easy Lessons

Proper Methods for Hating Poor People

Devil Son of a Minister



Mendota Bound

Blame it on the Tosa Bosa

How to F*ck People with your Pants On

Cheesy and How to Attain It

Forked Tongue English

My Lazy Eye Matches my Lazy Mind

How to Hunt a Cougar.....or......Marriage Backward Style

How I Single-Handedly Brought Down the GOP

Just Believe

and my all time favorite:

Things are Getting Harder, I Wish I was Dead


AlexisAR said...

God help us all!

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed. When did doofus learn to spell?

Citizen X said...

Walker can't do anything except perpetuate the myth he's a man with something to offer.